Watching porn pics at home and travelling to wispers on the bay – A comparision

If you are the kind of person interested in watching nudes, understanding what you can get from the pornography industry in the USA in comparison to other countries can be quite informative. In regards to watching porn pics at home and travelling to new country – a comparision between the two is helpful to prevent you from getting in trouble as well as understanding the advantages and disadvantages.

In the USA, pornography laws are pretty complicated. While the USA produces the most porn pics in the world, it doesn’t make all that much profit due to the complicated legalities. On the one hand, it is not illegal to possess explicit materials, providing it doesn’t feature minors, animals, and/or isn’t related to a crime, however, it is illegal to produce and distribute porn through certain mediums, such as the US Postal Service, and the internet! Many people do not realize that passing porn pics from across the internet in the US is illegal and you can face up to five years in jail.

However, if you enjoy watching nudes online, you will find that the USA is abundant with sources for accessing this kind of material. Not all other countries have this kind of access. For example, despite the proliferation of people heading to Thailand for ?sex tourism’, pornography is illegal in Thailand, and all websites displaying pornographic content are blocked. Watching porn pictures is also banned in North Korea, South Korea, India, and many African countries like Egypt, Sudan, and Botswana.

Many Americans have the idea in their minds that Europe is a lot laxer on sex and pornography. While this may be true in some countries, it is not true of all. For example, it is illegal to produce and distribute porn in Iceland, Belarus, and Ukraine. On the flip side, certain countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and France are extremely strict on the sale of porn pics, forbidding the production and distribution of hd porn videos on, while being quite easy-going toward softcore pornography, whereby it is legal for those over 16 years old and can be broadcast on late-night television. However, countries like Italy, while hardcore porn is banned for minors, it is easily available and advertised in shops, vending machines, at newsstands and in gas stations.

While pornography laws change everywhere, it appears that more Westernized countries tend to have more laidback laws toward looking at free porn pictures. With this in mind, if you want to watch nudes in other countries, try to choose Westernized vacation destinations!